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  • With the acf/prepare_field it would work to remove the options for all my requirements.
    So thanks @hube2 for pointing me at that direction.

    I used some different code because i also have optgroups.

    function filter_choices($field)
        if (is_user_logged_in() && current_user_can('administrator')) {
            // don't filter for admins
            return $field;
        $value = acf_get_array($field['value']);
        $choices = acf_get_array($field['choices']);
        // keys which will be removed
        $disabled_options = array(1, 2, 3);
        // value should be kept as selectable option for edit therefore remove it from disabled options
        if (!is_null($value)) {
            if (is_array($value)) {
                $disabled_options = array_diff($disabled_options, $value);
            } else {
                $disabled_options = array_diff($disabled_options, array($value));
        // delete keys in in normal options
        $choices = array_diff_key($choices, array_flip((array) $disabled_options));
        foreach ($choices as $choice_key => $choice_value) {
            // delete keys in option groups
            if (is_array($choice_value)) {
                $choices[$choice_key] = array_diff_key($choice_value, array_flip((array) $disabled_options));
                //remove empty groups from choices
                if (sizeof($choices[$choice_key])==0) {
        $field['choices'] = $choices;
        return $field;
    add_filter('acf/prepare_field/name=select_field_name', 'filter_choices', 20);

    Anyhow a possibility to disable single options would also be good if this would be implemented in future acf versions.