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  • I greatly appreciate free help. However, I don’t appreciate snarky replies to a simple question about a PAID add on. And yes, I do indeed expect customer support for something I paid for.

    It wasn’t clear to me if I should be using code from, or, hence me asking what I was missing.

    To you, as the plugin developer, it is obvious. To plugin users, especially those new to the plugin, it is not always obvious. I wasn’t looking to be spoon fed an answer, otherwise I wouldn’t be modifying the code myself to work with the Genesis framework. I was simply asking for clarification about which code I should be using.

    It’s ironic that you mention patience and appreciation. Being patient with paying customers and appreciative that they’ve put some extra money in your pocket are the basics of good customer service.

    Ta, Elliot. Hope the plugin continues to go well for you.