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  • Hi Nicolas,

    You can dynamically display fields in your template, based on the value selected in your “Profil” field.

    Assuming you’re using a selection field with a single value selectable.
    It mays work if you keep the “returned value” setting as “value” and you fill your “choices” setting with value only (not “value : label”).

    So you could have something like:

    if (get_field('your_selection_field_name') == 'Joueur') {
    $condition = true;
    //Display your selection field first
    echo the_field('your_selection_field_name');
    //Then, display your conditional fields based on your condition
    if ($condition == true;) {
      echo $conditional_field_1;
      echo $conditional_field_2;
      echo $conditional_field_3;

    Let me know if it helps,