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  • Hello,

    I’ve encountered this issue this week with the following setup:

    – WordPress: 4.9.8
    – Gutenberg (as a plugin): 3.9.0
    – ACF: 5.8.5

    I investigated a bit, comparing it to my local installation where I did not update ACF from 5.7.7 to 5.8.5.

    What I was able to find is that the problem revolves around the function ‘acf_verify_nonce()’, which on 5.8.5 returns false and stops the saving pipeline. What’s more, the hidden input field ‘_acf_nonce’ is not rendered on the page on which I’m editing the ACF fields.

    I see that between versions 5.7.7 and 5.8.5 there are changes in how this works in the plugin – for example, rendering of the field ‘_acf_nonce’ moved from ‘includes/forms/form-gutenberg.php’ to ‘includes/admin/admin-tools.php’ and ‘pro/admin/views/html-settings-updates.php’ That makes me think it’s quite possible it’s a bug in ACF that’s causing this.