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  • Hai Elliot,

    I am trying to figure out how to use ACF with WooCommerce and add a few extra productfields to WooCommerce products and show them on a webshop / checkout / invoice etc. but unfortunately I am getting nowhere with ACF.

    What really should help is a practical walkthrough tutorial in which a new product-field is added to the WooCommerce products like for example a country when selling bottles of wine on a WooCommerce webshop and also made possible to search / filter on the custom field and show it on various pages like the checkout, invoice etc…

    I have googled several hours but somehow I cannot find the right guidence to help me with this. And yes, I am rather new to WooCommerce but am an experienced developer.

    You state :
    2. Research on the WooCommerce website to find out how you can customize the single product page
    3. Edit that template and use the ACF functions such as get_field / the_field to display your custom field data

    I have not researched in depth what this all means and where to find these ‘customizing the single product page’ info but I simply cannot believe that a simple and easy walkthrough tutorial of ACF in combination with WooCommerce is non-existend.

    Hope anybody can help… Or direct me to a helpful plugin to add custom fields to a WooCommerce product…