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  • Yes, as you can see in the JS source code I submitted earlier.

    		if (typeof acf == 'undefined') { return; }
    		var unique_repeater_checkbox = acf.ajax.extend({
    					why am I extenting the acf.ajax method/property
    					since I'm not using ajax in this example?
    					It's easier. Since most of the time when I'm going to be
    					adding functionality to ACF I'm more than likely going to
    					be adding several actions and one of them is more than likely
    					going to include some kind of ajax. I'm more than likely going
    					to build it all into a single extension for the site and I would
    					put all of my events and functions in a that single extension and
    					call it something like {$client's name}_acf_extension
    			events: {
    				// for each field that you want to apply this to add a 'change' event line
    				// and copy the field key for the field and paste it in the "data-key" value
    				'change [data-key="field_5d945ca8ae892"] input': '_update_unique_checkbox',
    			_update_unique_checkbox: function(e) {
    				var $checked = e.$el.prop('checked');
    				if (!$checked) {
    					// prevent the field from being unchecked and return
    					e.$el.prop('checked', true);
    				// the field is checked, get the currently selected item
    				var $id = e.$el.prop('id');
    				// get the data-key
    				var $key = e.$el.closest('.acf-field').attr('data-key');
    				// get the field from all of the rows in the repeater
    				// exclude hidden fields and the ACF clone row
    				var $list = $('[data-key="'+$key+'"] input').not('[data-key="'+$key+'"] input[type="hidden"]').not('.acf-clone [data-key="'+$key+'"] input');
    				if ($list.length == 1) {
    					// if there is only one row then bail
    					// nothing needs to be done
    				// uncheck all of the other rows except the currently checked one
    				for (i=0; i<$list.length; i++) {
    					var $item_id = $list[i].getAttribute('id');
    					if ($id != $item_id) {
    						// if not the current item then set to false
    						$list[i].checked = false;