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  • In case anyone is still searching this, I was able to accomplish it by going into phpMyAdmin and finding the tables, exporting them, and importing them into the new DB table.

    The real tedious part comes when you have to find each option’s “name” in the table. I had one options page, with 1 field, with a bunch of repeater rows, so it was really quick for me. If you have a lot of option values, this may not be the ideal scenario…

    In my case, the options were all under “options_clubs” as “Clubs” was the field’s name. Yours will vary and you will have to look in the DB table to find out what they are named. I am using it as an example.

    **Keep in mind you need to export/import your fields BEFORE this step.**

    1) Log into phpMyAdmin, and go to wp_options table of your OLD installation.
    2) Run the Query: SELECT * FROM wp_options WHERE option_name LIKE '%options_clubs%' where options_clubs will be your field name.
    3) Once it produces the rows, scroll down to where it says “Query Result Operations” and hit EXPORT
    4) Open up the export file it produces, find the SQL code where it is inserting values. It will begin with “INSERT INTO wp_options (option_id, option_name, option_value, autoload) VALUES …”
    5) Go into phpMyAdmin of the NEW database, go to SQL, and copy/paste that SQL query with all of the values, hit GO.
    6) The new values should be loaded into the DB and show up when you log into WordPress in your new Options page.

    Repeat for each field you have in an Options page.

    I hope this helps someone.