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  • See, my clients want nothing to do with editors where it looks like the front end or where they can edit on the front end. Not everyone is enamored with this type of site editing.

    I deal almost entirely with larger companies. Their #1 priority is that every page of the site is consistent. They do not care what the content looks like in the admin. They simply want to be able to add chunks of text and maybe some images and know that it will look like it’s supposed to look and I can’t have any styles imposed by guberbug effing up a well thought out design based on the client’s style guide & requirements because some editor decided to do something different or is not familiar with their company’s standards or forgot something. Seriously, I try to remove anything that requires them to do any thinking about the content layout with very few exceptions. WP is simply the mechanism I use as the data warehouse. I don’t build themes for “general use”, every theme I build has a specific use for a specific client.

    I also build fairly complex features into a site that would likely treble the time it would take me to build if I tried giving them something so that they could see what it will really look like and I don’t event want to think about the extra time that building all those custom blocks would add. I deal with bigger companies, but that doesn’t mean they want to pay extra so that the admin looks pretty, they just want it to work and aren’t interested in spending extra just to make the admin show them what it will look like.

    And on top of that I need to add fairly complex queries to show the information and without a lot of extra effort it would be impossible to search the content in those blocks to add the needed search filters. Building blocks that also save meta data for searching or using a page builder that requires me to do extra work to extract and save meta data for searching seems like a huge waste of time.

    Gutenberg may have it’s place for small sites and bloggers and people that don’t have large demands on their time. And I’m not saying that it will not be useful in some cases. Generally if we have a client looking for something like this we find them an off the self theme that will meet their needs. However, if a client wants something of this nature then they really don’t need me in the first place.