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  • My opinion, however, my opinion is bases on the needs of my clients.

    I see no advantage in using gutenberg. My clients come to me to build them a web site. They don’t want to worry about how the content will look on the front end of the site and 99% of them do not particularly care if it looks the same in the editor as it does on the front of the site. On top of this I work with companies that have rules and guidelines for all marketing materials that are produced and the last thing they need is for everyone to be able to “tweak” the content. They hire me to ensure that whatever content they enter will meet their content guidelines and that every page of their site has a consistent look and feel without them needing to worry about how that happens. My clients also do not want to “play”, they just want to enter content and be done with it as quickly as possible. They have better things to do with their time than to fart with an interface. I create the styles for the site and the last thing that I want is for someone building the editor to decide how that content should look on the front of the site, overriding my carefully built styles based on the companies style guide. On top of this the sites I build for clients are usually far more complicated than can be handled with a single content field. If I’m building a site it’s because there are special features that are not available elsewhere or I am constructing fields and data in order to build custom searching features based on that data, something that cannot be done if all of that content is stuffed into “The Content”

    What am I doing. Right now I am disabling guberbug and I am instaling classic editor, however, I am not even using classic editor, I only have it installed to disable guberbug. The reason for this is that WP will eventually remove support for classic editor. Instead of any WP editor I am replacing all content editing with ACF fields. I will continue to ignore the WP editor into the future, no matter what they do with it. I believe that ACF will continue to provide a tinyMCE type field in any case and I can continue to use that where needed. As time goes by I will just keep figuring out how to keep guberbug disabled and build intuitive admin interfaces for my clients using ACF.