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  • I have been doing some testing on a site that is having a sync issue with fields being out of order. Not specifically with flex fields but with all fields. I have found that most of it is plugin conflicts, running just ACF on a site I am not seeing any issues, but I have not tested flex fields yet.

    Anyway, you need to look at other plugins on the site and test to see if it goes away with some of them deactivated. Look at any ACF add ons you may have running.

    The ACF Enhance Message field is a definite problem. If you’re using this you need to get rid of it. I’ve found that I can replace this plugin by using an acf/prepare_field filter for a standard message field which did not exist when started using this one.

    Also, my ACF To Content plugin available on github is an issue. I have corrected the problem with this one if you update.

    In particular, if you are looking for others. Any plugin or code that alters or updates a post of any kind on any hook but is not checking specific post types. These plugins must check to see if the post type is acf-field or acf-field-group and if it is then they should return without making changes. Any alteration to the values stored in wp_posts will cause issue in ACF.