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  • You’re still loosing me.

    We’re talking about an ACF select field. When you create the field you set the choices.

    get_field('field_name') will get what has been selected for a specific post.

    get_field_object('field_name') will get the field object, including the the choices you have defined. However, this call (using the field name) will only work if this field has been updated and has a value assigned to it.

    if you want to get a field object even when no value has previously been saved to it then you need to use the field key. get_field('field_1234567') where ‘field_1234567’ represents the field key of the select field.

    When you get the field object $field = get_field_object($selector) $field will contain all the setting for the field and the choices that you’ve set for the field will be in $field['choices']. This will be an array containing value=>label pairs.