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  • Thanks John,

    That was a very informative article you wrote. Sounds like it was good I asked this question to prevent future performance issues.

    If I read everything correctly in your article. You are creating a repeater field that the client gets to use, but than each save of the post converts the repeater field values into a hidden post_meta field. Which than is easy to query.

    I gave this a try and your code works great for doing the duplicate representation of the repeater. But it stores an awful lot of information. And the repeater seems like it should be much more efficient to query since all it stores is the ID of the users.

    Take a look at the 3 different versions of storing 3 users;

    • related_members – ‘Select Multiple Values’ Option on a generic relation field
    • related_trustees – repeater with relation subfield
    • related_trustee_wp – Converted repeaters into generic post meta