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  • Thanks! Now it works.

    The following is only partly related, but I was wondering about the possibility of a migration option that would not just create the field structures but also allow to translate the flexible field layout order and contents of layouts into acf-blocks.

    I’m still early in my learning about Gutenberg and its way of doing things, but what I think I’ve understood is that, so far, most of the processing is done in JS on the client side, including saving acf custom field values, which makes programatically generating blocks from layout-content difficult. Changes to the block api are intended but there’s no eta.

    While researching this, I came accross the following recent post linking to an experimental php block-serializer in the gutenber plugin, and now I’m wondering if that may not present a solution to automatic migration of acf flexible layouts into blocks.

    If possible, given this plugin’s purpose, I thought this may be of interest.