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  • Hey everyone! I have some questions about relational fields and the best practices.

    Here is my structure: I have a custom post type called ‘Member’ that contains a relationship ACF field called ‘related_trustees’ that links multiple users (creating a bundle affect). I only need to store the users ID into this relationship.

    I have previously used the “Select Multiple Values” option for relating multiple users. It seemed to work fairly easy via WP_Query to get all of the related users or get all posts that user is related to.

    Now I purchased the ACF Pro version with the repeaters option and I assumed this would work even better for the purpose stated. But so far I have come across multiple new hurtles.

    Pros for Repeater

    • Better UI for adding and removing users in Admin panel (still pretty basic)

    Cons for Repeater

    I havn’t gotten as far as displaying the users for a specific Member post type. So maybe theres great advantages there? Please give me insight if I should U-turn back to ‘Select Multple Values’