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  • Thanks for that!

    I’m trying to convert an existing “page builder” structure into blocks, but I keep getting “conversion error” when I click on “convert to block” for all existing layouts in the flexible content field.

    I’m not sure it’s not my fault, though, as I’m a bit unsure how to go about using the plugin.

    I’ve enabled “auto blocks” in the settting area of the flexible content field, I’ve assigned a block key (and added a template file of the same name to the theme root), I’ve picked an icon and enabled multiple blocks, resusable blocks, and all alignments.

    On save the chosen Icon and block-selector will appear in the admin interface, but no actual content is displayed. As mentioned above, attempting to convert a layout by choosing “convert to block” in the backend layout options menu will lead to a js-error window “conversion error”.

    Also, I notice that a new condition for the display of the flexible field (show if block equals all) is added everytime the field gruop is saved…