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  • I’m getting closer, I think. I’ve gotten the month names to create their own rows and cells within the table in the proper order, but now the code is limiting the results on the table to entries in the current month (February).

    What I’m trying to do is echo month name on its own row before array entries for that month, and if it is not the start of a new month, echo the entries in the array in individual TD elements.

    Any thoughts would be helpful, I think I’m just not good enough with PHP to figure this one out alone.

    	<table id="race-calendar">
    		   <th>Race Name</th>
                 $repeater = get_field('races');
                 foreach( $repeater as $key => $row )
                     $column_id[ $key ] = $row['race_date'];
                   array_multisort( $column_id, SORT_ASC, $repeater );
    	       $currMonth = "start";
    	       foreach( $repeater as $row )
    		    $date = DateTime::createFromFormat('Ymd', $row['race_date']);
    			if ($currMonth != $date->format('F')) 
    				    echo '<tr><td colspan="2"><h2>' . $date->format('F') . '</h2></td></tr><br>';
    				    $currMonth = $date->format('F');
    			else { 
    			echo '<tr class="race">';
    				       echo '<td class="cell">' . $date->format('m/d') . '</td>';
    				       echo '<td class="cell"><h2>' . $row['race_name'] . '</h2></td>';
    				       echo '<td class="cell">' . $row['race_location'] . '</td>';
    				       echo '<td class="cell">' . $row['race_gender'] . '</td>';
    			echo '</tr>';