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  • Flexible content is what I use, I was just trying to answer based on adding field to “the content”. You are not the only one that is not happy with the direction of WP and guberbug. I use flexible content to give clients the ability to add “sections” of a page in any order they want, or even to add the same layout multiple times. It may not seem like a page builder, but it is. You’re just not using a monolithic page builder. We design the admin and the flex fields to meet the specific needs of each client so that they can just “add content” without needing to, or being allowed to, alter the design of a page or even a page element, at least not beyond the controls that we give them.

    Even where we are not doing this we are now replacing the standard WP editor with an ACF WYSIWYG field. This way we do not use the block editor at all and we are not dependent on the classic editor either since it’s future support is not likely.

    ACF does have it’s one shortcode, it’s extremely simple and it only works with simple text based fields. It’s not something you can use in the way you’re looking for