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  • I just vardumped all of the variables I set to determine if content exists or not:

    $statementTrue = get_field( "statement" );
    $galleryTrue = get_field("image_gallery");
    $videoTrue = get_field("video_content") && get_field("video_embed");
    $poetryTrue = get_field("poem_1");

    And I got the correct data for statement and gallery but false on the other two.

    I doubled checked that the content was posted and that the field names were correct, they were posted and the names are right.

    EDIT: I also checked for get_field(“video_content”) and get_field(“video_embed”) separately. They both returned false.

    The only way I could get ACF post data to display was to include only the $statementTrue variable. Adding the gallery variable broke it again even though it gave me my content when I vardumped.