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  • Hi Elliot,

    Thanks a lot for always being there for answer all my questions.

    Basically what I have to do is to populate a repeater field from the front end so it might be a better option to forget GF and just go directly to your front end form?

    Regarding this matter, I have a couple of questions:

    • Within repeater field I have 2 subfields: USER ID which I want to populate automatically and cover letter.
    • I want to only show on frontend the cover_letter subfield all other custom fields I’d like to hide.
    • The form then will be basically one textarea for the cover letter and the subfield for user ID would be hidden and autopopulated.
    • Finally have the “Apply for this job” button and that’s all.

    Sorry for bothering you this bad but I have never worked with front end form before.

    I’m attaching an image to show you what I see on the page when adding the form (in addition to that I also see all other custom fields).

    If you could guide me or point me to any resource to help me understand and solve this, I will be eternally appreciated.