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  • 1. Repeater field with a text sub-field type and a true_false sub-field.

    2. this is a sub-field

    3. the content entered in the text field.

    4. Page B is a wordpress page which wont have any user content loaded from the standard wordpress CMS or any fields shown from ACS. The data from 1 row of the repeater on page A will auto populate on page B if the true_false checkbox is checked in that row.

    5. Page A is accessed from a link on the website. Page B will be accessed from a link on page A.

    6. The content in the subfields in the repeater will either post to page A or B depending on if the checkbox is checked. But all of the rows will always be managed from a “wordpress page” in the wordpress admin. I am using a rule to show if field group is equal to page A.

    Hopefully this clarified everything.