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  • Only on the front end.

    I’m using the gallery add-on which I purchased purely for the front-end ability to batch upload photos with the standard media upload UI. The gist of the rest of process (which is working):

    • ACF adds a select field to event post type that is populated with Gravity Forms for admin to select which registration form to use. That is displayed on upcoming events via template.
    • Create a CPT for galleries
    • ACF provides meta fields on gallery (eventID, photographer, email and multi-photo from add-on.

    The last piece is having the ACF form show up on event to allow batch upload of photos which is limited by the issue described above.

    I have a temporary workaround of putting a separate the photo submission form onto a separate page that populates the eventID via select field populated with past dated events. But requirement is that everything stays tied to the individual event along with comments, post-event feedback (GF) form.