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  • Hi
    This is a script issue and there’s nothing wrong with the speed of the server that would influence loading in this way. This is the only error cross-sites that we get. Also please see developer comments from ThemePunch:-

    “In general, what the ACF people have told you about a “JavaScript error snowball effect” is true. However, if other errors were occuring before their script runs (as per their claim), they would be visible in the browser’s debug console. To confirm this, open your browser’s debug console (I prefer Firebug with Firefox), click on the “Console” tab, then inside the slider’s admin, choose “Edit Slide”, then click on one of the slide’s main images to open up the media dialogue popup, then select an image and you’ll see the error appear in the console, and when this happens, it’s the only JavaScript error present (errors are highlighted in red). This essentially debunks the snowball theory.

    If there were errors present coming directly from one of the slider’s JavaScript files (they’d be visible within the browser’s debug console), I could help you solve this. But because this isn’t the case, the best advice I can offer is to just disable the ACF plugin when using the slider’s admin.”

    I’ve also tested in the same manner and this bears out.