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  • Hi @buckybee

    Your code looks fine, however you are missing the WP loop which could be causing the issue you have posted.

    Without this loop, it is possible that the global $post object is not instantiated correctly.

    The WP loop is documented on the codex, and used in the default theme included in your WP install. I would check it out and make sure yo use it.

    To test what ACF data is available, try using the get_fields function.

    Try also passing in the $post->ID value as the first parameter like so:
    get_fields( $post->ID )

    This function will return all fields in an array. So you will need to debug the data by dumping it like so:

    <?php echo '<pre>';
    	print_r( get_fields( $post->ID ) );
    echo '</pre>';
    die; ?>

    You mentioned that many other people are having this exact issue? Could you be so kind to link to these other threads, as I am not aware of a widespread issue regarding values not being returned.