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  • Hi,

    True, but I can think of a few situations where it may be beneficial to have some control of the title from within ACF.

    Control – To be able to append / prepend details to the title. Or to validate data (such as when you only want a drop down date entered – separate to the core date).

    Styling – To be able to control the look of title in the backend with similar ease as ACF. (Such as adding a ‘title’ to the title field.)

    Position – From the end users POV, it may make more sense to have the title field positioned between other fields.

    After sleeping on it, it may be useful to have the title generated from a combination of fields. So a ‘testimonial’ custom field group may save the title from a combination of fields. From a name field, followed by a separator, then the first 5 words from a testimonial field. (Less for use in the front end, more for ease of management in the backend).

    What do you think?

    Fantastic plugin, beautiful site. Keep up the great work!