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  • Thanks for reply and apologies for the large chunk of code. I did take large portions of the code out (the entire bit for the slider, the code for counting the boxes). Unfortunately this did not make a difference.

    What I mean by filter, is the option under the ACF field settings, which says: “Run filter “the_content”?. Enabling this filter to use shortcodes within the WYSIWYG field

    As soon as I select ‘No’ all the rows from the repeater fields appear on the website. Obviously this does also mean that my entered shortcodes are now not executed, but they show up as [shortcode] etc. When I enable this filter (so setting on ‘yes’), the shortcodes work. When I now enter normal html data into the rows, they keep working fine.

    The problems begin when I enter a shortcode in any of the rows from my repeater field. Now instead of all rows showing up on the front-end, only the first row is loaded regeardless of it’s content. If I enter a shortcode on the first row, the shortcode works fine and it displays the correct item on the front-end. But as soon as a shortcode in any row of my repeater,no other rows but the first row is loaded on the front-end.

    So the problem somehow seems that shortcodes break the loop after it’s first round – but I can’t figure out why this is happening!