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  • Hi @savvaskef

    Currently, there is no easy way to add in the title and content fields to an acf_form.

    One idea that comes to mind is creating 2 new fields in the field group for ‘the_title’ and ‘the_content’. Then you can hook into the ‘acf/save_post’ action and update the post data using the posted values.

    I can’t put together a tutorial for you due to my work load. You will need to do some investigating on your own time to find a good solution for this.

    I wish you good luck, and if you would like to read more about creating a new form, please read the documentation tutorial regarding creating a post via the acf_from function.

    It will be very beneficial for you to copy out the code and debug it line by line doing lots of testing to see what variables you can alter, etc.