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  • Let’s start with a ref,I am trying to follow tutorial:

    Clarifiaction when I say I am setting 'post_id' => $post->ID to a specific number i mean changing this to 'post_id' => 464 found on permalink AND added $options variable to the same file of the themes’templates’ php code.

    That works, however you normally need to set the post_id from a page that queries wp_query and comes up with $post=>ID. You also normally need not to use the <?php the_post(); ?> and instead add a textarea or WYSIWYG to actually change the content&title.( i guess with the html_after_fields property/attribute)

    It is extraordinary and seems improbable that you took spended so much effort to render acf_form and not have included standardfields, so please check your referrences and documentation for any hints or refferences

    I also needed to display a list of posts with an edit link to point to the page using the template that will ‘fetch’ the $post=>ID