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  • Hi,
    I have a similar issue: I have to import some data from a MySQL DB, and with an older version of ACF I just used field names (so I could cycle easily on the querys’ result rows) to store values with update_field, and get_field retrieved them perfectly.

    I recently updated to the last version of ACF, and get_field stopped working unless I edited the post and saved, which I can’t do given the size of my data (thousands of posts).
    Trying to solve the issue, I found that in function get_field_object() in core/api.php there is a test
    if( !$field)
    It happens that when get_field is retrieving a field with a temporary field key (e.g. field_myfieldname) $field at that point is an array with all the correct keys, but no values.
    Changing the line to
    if( !$field || !$field['key'])
    to detect an empty key enables the execution of the following code

    		// treat as text field
    		$field = array(
    			'type' => 'text',
    			'name' => $orig_field_key,
    			'key' => 'field_' . $orig_field_key,
    		$field = apply_filters('acf/load_field', $field, $field['key'] );

    which seems to fix the problem and retrieve the data.
    I can imagine there would be problems with some types of field, but it’s OK for me since they are text fields.