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  • *Answers to questions:
    by page i mean the stdandard type of wordpress where you type in the textarea (text or visual) the html+images+shortcodes for your static pages in your site.
    However it is possible to include php in a page with different plugins so you may write a snippet of code that queries wordpress in its language or even SQL.

    By template I mean the theme’s default layouts that are to contain widgets.In the specific tutorial (create new post)code is added to the templates.

    *Questions answered correctly: I may use html beforefields to include standard fields(Can you provide me with an example say for the field:post_content?)

    I understand that i may use firebug to see Css in effect.But it would be convenient to add a class to the custom fields and give it priority…Is this another line in $args just like in the $options in editpost tutorial/example

    *Issues uncovered:I still get a blank(we defined what blank is) when viewing a page that is linked to the editpost template.How could one use php to query wordpress (WP_query) to get post_id and then display the appropriate customfields and filled in standard fields?