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    • TripleM

    • August 7, 2013 at 10:00 am


    With ACF installed (ACF 4.2.0, WP 3.6, though probably existed earlier in both), there is a minor CSS bug in the media upload lightbox:

    The version on the right is with ACF installed. You’ll see the ‘Alignment’, ‘Link To’, and ‘Size’ labels are misaligned (the above fields also have a slightly bigger margin, but that’s unimportant).

    The CSS causing the incorrect margins seems to be:

    .media-modal .media-sidebar .setting span, 
    .media-modal .compat-item label span,
    .media-modal .media-sidebar .setting input, 
    .media-modal .media-sidebar .setting textarea,
    .media-modal .compat-item .field {
    	min-height: 0;
    	margin: 5px 0 0;

    I assume this is for newly added media fields, but perhaps one of those targets is incorrect and causing the wrong margins.

    • Hi @TripleM

      Thanks for the bug report.

      I’ll add this to the to-do


      • Hi @TripleM

        Thanks again for the bug report.

        This has been fixed and pushed to github

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