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Attachments parent id

  • Hello,

    In front end form when uploading image/file via media library it set parent id of attachment as page id not post id.

    I am using this tutorial

  • Hi @AboHitham

    Thanks for the bug report. I’ll add this to the to-do and have it fixed in the next version


  • Hi @AboHitham

    This has now been fixed. The issue was due to an incorrect post_id value in the JS causing many upload issues for front end forms!

    Thanks again for the bug report. Would you mind downloading the latest build from github and testing it out?


  • Hi @Elliot

    Great, It’s work.

    You are genius Elliot, Thank you.

  • Just noticed this same issue today. All attachments are getting the ID of the page that the form resides on.

    I am assuming this was the same issue, and am looking forward to the fix. Makes for some trouble with permissions/capabilities.

  • Hi @synergywp

    Can you please download the latest version from github and test this issue. I believe this should not be fixed


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